Monday, July 15, 2013

Life In The Fast Lane

Yesterday We swapped the slow pace of the canals for the fast pace of the roads as we travelled down to Newport today. Eric and I shared the driving although I let him drive on the narrow country lanes from Whixall to the A49.....I like white lines in the centre of my roads. A pretty journey with lovely scenery through Shropshire and Herefordshire with hills........and then a spectacular mountain, the Skirrid near Abergavenny. It's been incredibly hot today, 27 degrees C in Newport but cooler in a house than it was on the boat, after all it's a metal box. Had some lunch then we're just relaxing afternoon, even Ben is flaked out on the rug in Clare's lounge.

Today Ben and I were out early walking in the woods near Clare's house, before a rather hotter walk along the nearby canal although Ben cooled off by paddling in the canal. We met loads of bikes on the towpath but only one other dog. I was really hot walking back up the hill. Ben was then left in the cool of the house while I  went to see the nurse for my annual blood tests and to check my blood was fine.  After that, a bit of shopping while we waited for the call back from the hospital as Eric needs to see the doctor in eye clinic.They rang back with an appointment for tomorrow morning.excellent service from the nhs in Wales.

Another lazy afternoon followed

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