Thursday, July 04, 2013

Frankton Locks On The Montgomery Canal

Ben waiting at Frankton Top Lock

Frankton Top Lock
We spent a quiet night above Frankton locks but the workmen made an early start repairing the foot bridge over the Top Lock so we heard their vehicles on the gravel track alongside the moorings. Ben and I went for a morning walk as we weren't going down the locks until midday. It took just 45 minutes to go down the locked once they were unlocked as we were first in the queue to go down. I bought some fresh free range eggs from the stall by the bottom lock, dated with the day they were laid. In the past they used to be marked with the hen's name as well which always made me smile.
At the bottom we did a left turn as we wanted to do a bit of rubbing down and painting and the Weston Arm is a good spot with hard sides. Just a 48 hour mooring though now, it used to be longer. So now the messy painter (me) has given the  deck a coat of paint and the careful painter (Eric) is painting the bow of the boat. I always manage to get paint on me while Eric never does! Ben's confused because he has go out for a wee via the back doors, as the deck is still wet.

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