Friday, July 19, 2013

Far Too Hot For Me

Ben looking at the water....he did't go in!

We're still in very sunny Newport until tomorrow. Ben and I have been having some walks in the early morning to avoid the worst of the heat. We've explored familiar haunts along the Crumlin Arm of the Mon and Brecon Canal and the Alt-yr-yn Nature Reserve near Clare's house. We've been going out so early Eric's still  in bed. Eric and I have been out and about in the mornings but we've spent most of  the afternoons and evenings inside, it's just been too hot for me.

Eric's had his eyes checked and is back on the steroid drops for uveitis (inflammation of a layer in the eye) so we'll be back again for more eye clinic appointments. He's also had an AAA scan (abdominal aortic aneurysm) which they have started given male over 65 year olds in Wales and he doesn't have an AAA.

We are going back to Whixall tomorrow for  a week or so before we come back again for several weeks if Clare's back operation due on the 6th of August, actually happens. Fingers crossed because it's been a long wait.

We've not been far this visit to Newport as I just don't enjoy this sort of's far too hot. Yesterday afternoon was spent at an unplanned family barbecue at Sally and Dave's in her shady garden in Abercarn. Dave makes an excellent cook, he even bought a new barbecue  to cook the food on. Ben followed our granddaughter Gwen around all afternoon and got lots of tit bits.Back at Clares he just slept he'd had a busy afternoon, in fact hes currently asleep now...its too hot for him too!

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