Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ellesmere To Frankton Junction

This morning we popped into Tesco and met the crew of NB Klara who read this blog and are also Welsh. Nice to chat to you...I'm sure we'll meet again. 

Today we'd had enough of the busy Ellesmere Arm and decided to move. You'd be surprised by the number of people and dogs walking past the boats. Ben is a pain when he barks at passing people! We left our space and it was filled immediately by another boat. We winded at the bottom of the arm and headed to the waterpoint to fill up with took an hour as so much water was leaking from the other side of the waterpoint. Further up you could hear running water and that waterpoint had no water at all....maintenance certainly needed here or perhaps nobody from the nearby CART yard has noticed.

Waiting for the water to fill, we did the cassettes and got rid of the rubbish.....not an easy task as the skip was so full. Then the fun began a horrendous noise as the Travelpower alternator belt failed.......stripped down to the  metal cords. Luckily Eric was able to fit a new belt in the time it took to fill the water tank. Now we need to get a spare just in case.

We finally got going and moored up above Frankton Locks, we'd booked a passage down them for tomorrow lunchtime. The sun is now shining on the panels, so nice to have sunshine. We passed some hireboaters this afternoon who commented on the unusual thing in the sky....the sun!

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