Monday, July 08, 2013

Crossing Chirk Aqueduct - Welcome To Wales

Chirk Aqueduct alongside the railway aqueduct

Welcome to Wales with no queue ahead
We left our mooring above New Marton locks and cruised in the sunshine. Ben had to wait for his walk while I put the Dyson round to get rid of the dog hair. Very hot walking today so we enjoyed the cool of Chirk Tunnel after we crossed the aqueduct with it's 'Welcome To Wales' sign in English and Welsh.
It's been a very different trip because we usually do this trip in late October and the trees aren't green like they are at the moment. It also looks very different from late March when we leave Llangollen to go on our travels when there's little greenery. This year we left when everything was covered in a deep layer of snow.
This year we won't be wintering in Llangollen as we now have a home mooring at Whixall Marina which is actually a residential one so we now have a home! We'll be using it as a base in the Summer and going out for cruises before returning to Whixall to pick up the car and go visiting in Newport so they'll see a lot more of us. No doubt we'll be frozen in wintertime but we can always get out by road.
We moored up after Whitehouse Tunnel on the empty visitors moorings to enjoy a quiet afternoon with occasional trains disturbing our peace.

We had a phone call from Nick, Liz (and Connie) on their way to the 'The Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod' in Llangollen. They wanted to know where we were and they popped in for a cuppa with Connie their dog, Ben was all excited but calmed down eventually! Nice to see them.

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