Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back In South Wales

For the last few days we have been enjoying the peace and quiet of Whixall Marina with the only visitors being two swallows who came in unexpectedly via the side hatch. Eric carefully caught them and put them back outside the way they came in. We've been told they nest under the floating pontoons so that explains the abundance of swallows at Whixall Marina.

Although the boat has stayed in Whixall, we haven't we decided to have a look around the area by car. Last week we went to Wem, Whitchurch and Ellesmere as well as Llangollen, all easily visited by car, and we've quite enjoyed seeing some places we'd only seen from the canal. On foot we'd never got any further than Tesco's in Whitchurch and were surprised to find Aldi, Iceland, Sainsbury's and Homebase there too. In Wem we found a big Coop and the car parking cost was surprisingly 10p for an hour. Although it's probably the nearest place to shop from Whixall, we've found shopping in Ellesmere better as we can take Ben for a walk there too.

Today we came back to Newport, Eric's got an eye clinic appointment and we'll probably stay until after Clare has recovered from her  operation. A pleasant journey down with just a few heavy showers but before we could leave the boat Eric had to reseal around the base of the chimney and one mushroom. Why you ask......we had drips inside the boat in the very heavy rain last night as the rain found it's way in leaving wet marks on the ceiling. It was certainly a noisy night with the rain hammering on the roof.Hopefully the wet wood should dry out ok while we're away. So tonight we won't hear the rain on the roof. 

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