Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back In Shropshire, Ellesmere By Car

SShhh in the woods by 'The Mere'
Yesterday we drove back to Whixall Marina, a very hot day but with the windows open on the car we were fine. Back on the boat everything was fine although the 24 hour timer on the battery charger had failed meaning the solar panels had to charge the batteries.....but it didn't matter as we'd had plenty of sun. We like visiting but we do enjoy coming back to it's just so quiet here at Whixall. Last night a young swallow spent the night sitting on our shoreline  as it's strung from the bollard to the roof of the boat, twittering away to itself.
This morning it's so much cooler we decided to go to Ellesmere by car, just fifteen minutes it took compared to three hours by boat. We enjoyed a lovely walk alongside 'The Mere' in Ellesmere, one of the many lakes or meres in this area where water accumulated in the dips left by glaciers in the Ice Age. Here are the photographs I took today. I tried uploading from my laptop directly to Blogger but it didn't work. I uploaded them via Picasa web albums, nothing else seems to work.While I was away I used my tablet and even though I can take photos with that .....Blogger won't upload them from my gallery.
Eric and Ben near 'The Mere' at Ellesmere

A view across 'The Mere'

Another view

An unusual mode of transport

Swans on 'The Mere'

No passengers on the return trip

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