Saturday, July 06, 2013

Another Problem.....The Water Pump

The water pump has been annoying the last few days, not going off when you turn off a tap or flush the loo and having a will of it's own coming on the middle of the night. We thought it might be a low batteries problem but it still happened after the engine had been running. We searched for a leak but the bilge was dry and the cabin bilge pump hadn't come on. Underneath the pump was dry so we looked at the trouble shooter which suggested a pressure switch defect or a diaphragm puncture so not having any spares we took the easy option and Eric replaced it with our spare pump.The pump was nearly three years old so it hasn't done bad.So  problem took longer to empty the cupboard to get to it than to fix it. A good time to clear out a cupboard!

I know things happen in threes......what's next?

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