Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Visit To Trevor Rocks And Lunch At Fouzi's

Eric came to Trevor Rocks

A hot dog on Trevor Rocks

Llantisilio Mountains from Trevor Rocks

A view of Castell Dinas Bran from Trevor Rocks
Today we set Google Navigation to take us to the Panorama Walk overlooking Llangollen. Another visit to Wales taking 45 minutes to get there rather than the slow way by boat. As we're off to south Wales at the weekend we didn't have time to go by boat. We parked in the car park by the start of the lower level walk and then walked up the incline was very hot! Ben knew where he was going and we walked along on the flat for a while before turning around and coming back to the car. I didn't want Eric to overdo it in the heat so it was a short walk.
Back in the car, all the windows open except the drivers' side (which needs attention as it won't open) to cool off the car as soon as we were moving. We set off down the Panorama Walk and turned onto Wern Road,  which is a road  I usually walk down into's very narrow and there were quite a few walkers walking down the hill. We parked and went and had lunch at Fouzi's sitting at one of the outside tables in the shade, because we had Ben with us. The panini's were lovely, we had cool drinks and Ben had a big bowl of water.
Afterwards we had a scenic drive via the Horseshoe Pass ,Corwen, St Martin's and Ellesmere before coming back to Whixall Marina. I love to see the hills of Wales so it was lovely to go out. Back on the boat I'm chilling or trying to, the fan is on but it's still 80 degrees F or 27 degrees C .......still too hot for me. Ben and Eric are fast asleep!!

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