Saturday, June 08, 2013

The River Churnet And Frogwall

NB Bendigedig on the River Churnet
Today (Saturday) we went on the River Churnet for short section. It was a lovely river and Eric said the boat felt so different with deeper water. I walked  alongside the river with Ben  keeping him well away from the bikes and their riders. At  Consall Forge the river disappears down a weir and it's back to canal. We stopped at the water point next to Consall Forge Lime Kilns. There are four kilns from the days of forges, furnaces and mills. The Black Lion is over the canal bridge from the water point and it hasn't any road access, so anything is delivered on a sack truck. Looks a lovely pub, we may have to stop there on the way back.

At the waterpoint

Consall Forge Lime Kilns

Watering up  at Consall Forge
At Consall there's a Railway Station with a cantilevered waiting room which overhangs the narrow canal. A steam train passed us  while we were on the River Churnet blowing his steam whistle.....Ben didn't like that at all.

The cantilevered waiting room of Consall Railway Station

Looking back at Consall  Railway Station

We cruised as far as Flint Mill Lock and descended  the deep lock which has a gauge which tells you whether you'll fit through Froghall Tunnel.....we won't ......the cratch and mushrooms made the boat too tall. So we continued on our way to Froghall Visitor Moorings as we knew we could turn around there being under 65 feet. We moored up next to the metal fencing of the copper works, not exactly picturesque but it means we can go and have a look at Froghall Tunnel and the basin beyond on foot if not by boat.

The gauge at Froghall Tunnel

Lime Kilns at Froghall Basin

Froghall Basin with pontoons for visitors  that fit through the tunnel

Wild Garlic alongside the canal at Froghall Picnic area

The other tunnel portal

I'm not looking at you!
Ben looks disgusted on this photo..........he wouldn't look at me when I called him because Eric tied him onto the centre road while we moored the boat.

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Adam said...

The Black Lion is a very nice pub, and gets surprisingly busy given that the car park is quite a walk away! We moored in the one space between the bridge and the weir, so we had a lot less distance to walk than anyone who'd arrived by car!