Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Last Few Days

Gwen's smiley face!
Thursday was a good day, firstly it wasn't raining while we cruised and secondly we found a space to moor at Stone. We needed to stop as our visitors were going home on Friday and we knew we could catch a bus (101 outside Morrison's) at fifteen minute intervals To Stafford Railway Station. There is a train station but the bus stop is closer.
Ben enjoyed playing ball in the big field near our mooring and Gwen liked the  little park. We had a walk alongside the River Trent as Gwen needed a stone to paint for her homework from school, so she had a stone from Stone! We had a wander round the shops before picking up some bits and pieces at Morrison's leaving Eric enjoying a bit of peace and quiet. We're not used to 6.30am starts to the day! Although we love seeing our girls!
On Friday Gwen and I took Ben to play ball while her mum Lisa got the bags packed ready to go at lunchtime. Back on the boat we had elevenses of scones and cream before we caught the bus to Stafford Railway Station. As you can see from the photo Gwen still had room for a lollipop!

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