Monday, June 17, 2013

Services And Shopping At Wheelock

Just down two locks very quickly this morning with boats coming in both directions. At Wheelock we pulled into the Services and did the filling and emptying. While Eric was busy I popped to the shop for bread and milk . Then I went to the pet supermarket for Ben's favourite food...Wag although he also likes anything we eat. Ben and I had a walk for while and then got back onboard, stopping off at the Northwich Boat Co. hoping to get some diesel but nobody there on a Monday! Never mind there's fuel at Kings Lock.

Thanks to Sue on her blog for bringing CART's latest mad idea to my attention.The idea of a winter mooring permit so we can moor anywhere (not London area)as long as it's not on Visitor Moorings or near any facilities is madness. I won't be paying over £400 for that permit for a length of grassy towpath, if I don't pay I can stay on Visitor Moorings as long as the sign says. One reason they say for the planned change is the lack of take up of winter moorings but I know that on the Llangollen Canal the only moorings which fill up quickly are those with facilities and near a town, not many people are happy to stay somewhere with no facilities in the depths of winter so there was no take up of those moorings.....If you want to read it follow this link....

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