Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On The Middlewich Branch (S.U.C)

Today we worked through the last few locks of the Trent and Mersey Canal.... I wasn't sorry to leave that canal it's been hard work. We stopped at the chippy by King's Lock to have some lovely cod and we shared a small portion of chips as they give you loads. We went down the lock and pulled in to fill up with diesel but they didn't have any!!  Hope we can get some at the next marina because we really need to fill up.

At Wardle Lock  I helped the boat in front through the lock as his crew went walkabout to get a paper.Then I emptied it so Eric could bring up our boat. We read the plaque about Maureen, she certainly had an interesting life.

So we're moored up at Middlewich,  quiet after the Festival  no doubt. I went off to get some fresh food from Tesco's while Eric  cooled down, it's been very hot today! A Good Samaritan carried my bag back to the canal...I must be getting old!

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