Wednesday, June 05, 2013

On The Leek Branch

Last night was lovely and quiet  despite looking on Google Maps and finding we we near a big factory, obviously well camouflaged by trees alongside the canal. This morning we decided to cruise for a few hours, while I walked the dog along the towpath.

Todays cruising has been lovely, very few boats , lots of peace and quiet. The locks and lift bridges weren't hard. On the Stockton Bridge Locks CART men were letting water down so they opened the bottom gates for us to go straight in.....very helpful. 

At Park Lane Wharf we pulled in to fill up with water as the washing machine has been busy this week. About a mile further on is Hazelhurst Junction where you take a right turn for the Leek Arm, which actually is reminiscent of Hardings Wood on the Trent and Mersey as the one canal goes over the other canal on an aqueduct. Here the route leading to Cheddington has three locks down to go underneath the aqueduct. It's just another case of take a right turn to go left.

Just after the aqueduct we pulled in to the visitor moorings, planning to visit the Hollybush Inn this evening for a meal. We wished we hadn't bothered, first we were told we couldn't sit in the conservatory despite  there being empty tables and they remained empty all the time we were in the other room.Not at all helpful or friendly just told the menus are on the end of the bar. The  beer was  fine but my meal was chicken was a piece of chicken with a peculiar coloured sauce poured over it......never seen chicken tikka like that! Undercooked chips too! We won't be going there again.

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