Thursday, June 06, 2013

Moored By Leek Tunnel

A view from the boat side hatch

Today we had a lazy start so didn't start cruising until eleven. We didn't plan to go far just to the terminus of the Leek Arm through the Leek Tunnel. Ben and I walked as far as the tunnel, jumping onboard at the entrance to the tunnel as we'd have to walk over the low hill, the old horse route as there's no towpath in the tunnel. As we emerged from the tunnel walkers said "I bet that was a tight fit," but it wasn't as we didn't even have to lower out heads to go through it.

Inside Leek Tunnel

Another view inside Leek Tunnel

Reflections on the solar panels
Bluebells on the canal side
This arm is so lovely with wooded banks carpeted in really blue bluebells....amazing. As it follows the contour on the hillside it makes us think of the Mon & Brecon Canal. We moored just after the turning point after bridge 9, having turned around first. We left Ben on board while we walked to Morrisons via an industrial estate.....he didn't want to be left....we could hear him whinging and barking....luckily nobody about to hear him.

Ben by Tunnel Pool

Back on the boat  with some shopping, Ben was fine and loved his little tray of beef in gravy and carrots as a treat. We had some chilli beefburgers, very hot but very nice. Ben wanted a taste too.....but he didn't get any!

We then decided to go back through Leek Tunnel and moor up by the tunnel pool, just enough space for us with one other boat already moored up. Ben and I went up on top of the tunnel to have a look.

The view from the top of the tunnel

A view of NB Bendigedig from the top of Leek Tunnel

Eric sorting out the satellite dish

Ben at the tunnel mouth

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Halfie said...

Great inside tunnel shots! I especially like the second one. Bendigedig!