Friday, June 07, 2013

Locking Down The Caldon Canal

Hazlehurst Junction
Leaving our lovely mooring at Tunnel Pool we decided to retrace our steps back to Hazlehurst Junction and go down towards Cheddleton. Ben and I enjoyed a lovely walk smelling those bluebells once again. At the junction it was a sharp right and down the flight of three well cared for Hazlehurst Locks. We didn't see a boat until after we'd left the locks behind.

Before Cheddleton we passed a boat moored on pins on the visitor moorings but decided not to stop. We continued on past the Flint Mill powered by twin water wheels, although we could only see one from the boat. We passed another set of visitor moorings alongside a pub car park alongside a gritty path and gave that a no no too. Further down new moorings are being constructed opposite moored boats.
The Flint Mill

A closer look at the Flint Mill

A canal side cottage near the Flint Mill
At Bridge 42  a notice said Beware of underwater obstructions ......but where were they? So as we were passing some permanently moored boats we must have found one and got  stuck. We jumped around on the stern using the boat pole to push us free.
Before Cheddleton Locks
Cheddleton Locks were fine other than being alongside a factory.  Feeling the heat today we decided to pull in after Wood's Lock just after the lock landing. OK we could get in bit we had fun with the loads of mosquitos which invaded the boat. We had to shut the windows and put down the fly screen on the side hatch and kill the invaders! No fly spray so it was a squash them tactic, to make sure we were bug free by bedtime as the bugs really like me.

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