Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Busy, Busy Days In Newport

On Monday we visited garages galore and ended up at Elite Autos in Bristol. We were after a cheap 4x4 Freelander, but we found some dire ones until we went to the above garage. They valet the cars and clean them, lots of back to black finishes the outside.

Our daughter Sally's fiancee David is great with engines, his day job is working with aeroplane engines so he was in charge of finding us a good car. Dave & Eric went off on a test drive and even managed to get some cash knocked off the price because it needed a few small jobs. A very good addition to the family!

Today we had a very busy day, getting the insurance sorted out online and getting a tax disc at the post office. Followed by dog walking, visiting my dad and food shopping. After that we visited daughter Lisa and grandaughter Gwen for spaghetti bolonaise, garlic bread and I took the desserts.......got to have pudding.

Back up that hill to Clare's house....it's so nice to have wheels....for a quiet evening....I'm shattered!

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