Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ben's First Taste Of The Sea At Porthcawl

On Thursday we went to the seaside.....I haven't had a walk by the seaside for years so we had a lovely time. Ben hadn't seen the sea before but treated like a big canal ......straight in and paddling trying to catch the pebbles I was splashing in the sea. Of couse he had to taste it too but decided against a drink of salty water.


We went for a walk on the common at the end of Rest Bay and then the fish and chips were calling us.......I was hungry with all the sea air. Ben and I shared a chicken breast while Eric had cod while we sat on the sea wall.


Time to go back to Newport and my time to take the 'bull by the horns' and drive......since we bought the boat we've hired cars but I haven't driven any of them. Anyway I did it! You don't forget how to drive ......but it's much faster than riding a bike!   Eric was a great navigator.....I'll need to use navigation on google maps without him sitting there telling me the way.

Today  (Saturday) we drove back to the boat using Google Maps and Navigation to help us find the quickest way back to Whixall Marina......very helpful. NB Bendigedig has been fine without us, we're  going to have a day in the marina tomorrow  and out for a fortnight's cruise on Monday.

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