Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Visit To Newport

NB Bendigedig is safely moored and she's all alone as we are back in rainy Newport for a doctor's appointment. Sally came to get us with a little help or perhaps hindrance from her sat nav who wanted her to go somewhere else when she got near her destination. We all knew the way back once we hit the A49 so the irritating voice of the sat nav got turned off.

Today we didn't get up early so Ben had to wait for his walk down into the woods at Alt-yr-yn Nature Reserve and back along the canal. Then it was up that  hill back to Clare's house. Lisa and Gwen arrived to have Sunday lunch. Lisa did some shopping on the way up, fudge cake for dessert...yummy.

Gwen and I took Ben to the park to give her mum a bit of peace. After then she helped me make a ham salad for tea. Ben waited hopefully that she would drop something! All peaceful now, Ben and Eric are asleep.....nobody's snoring at the moment! Oops I spoke too soon.

Tomorrow we're off looking for some wheels, Whixall Marina is out in the sticks with Wem and Whitchurch providing the only shops etc.I could also get a Tesco delivery but we would still be pretty isolated in the winter months.You can book a bus but only on Mondays and Fridays on the Shropshire Link site.I'm quite looking forward to having a car after six years without one.......I love to see the sea!  I'm a  bit apprehensive about driving though, let's hope it's just like riding a bike .....that is you don't forget.

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