Sunday, June 02, 2013

A Weekend In Stone

I caught the bus back to Stone after a quick trip to Wilkinsons to get some of those bags to store the spare quilt and pillows that use a vacuum to store them in a smaller space. I usually struggle to get them in black bags to fit under the sofa bed but these bags made it easy. So they were soon stored away and I did a few loads of washing knowing there's a waterpoint at the end of the moorings.

We decided to stay put this weekend as we just happened to have moored on the 5 day visitor moorings and have a relaxing weekend. Ben loves playing ball and there's a park with a huge field next to the River Trent so he's happy. In town we were surprised to find a Farmer's Market with lovely looking pork pies amongst the wares for sale. The market is a first Saturday in the month event, so we were lucky to be there. The pie tasted as delicious as it looked too.

We also used the local Morrison's to stock up the cupbord, fridge and freezer so we won't starve. Today I cooked  a roast as it's Sunday and  am now relaxing while Ben and Eric have a little snooze.The sun is shining, the sky is blue and it's so quiet.....I love it!!

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