Friday, June 14, 2013

A Few Days Away In Newport

On Wednesday I walked into Kidsgrove to catch the train to Crewe and a train from there to Newport with some visiting in mind. Eric and Ben came for the walk which took about an hour. The train from Crewe was packed, only two carriages with a Bon Jovi concert in Cardiff! I arrived in Newport to pouring rain and went to get a haircut before going to my daughter Clare's house. She's still waiting for her operation to sort out a bulging disc, the pencilled in date is now early August but who knows when it'll be. Here she is smiling.....doped up with pain killers!

We had a pizza and a lazy evening together, before our beds called.....travelling always tires me out. In the morning Clare was off to work while I went down to my dad's planning to take him out for a meal  If I could tear him away from his latest  diy job  replacing a roof window in his greenhouse. He came out glad for a change of scenery but didn't seem to have much of an appetite. Back at his house we had a cuppa and he said he was going to have scones, strawberries and cream for his tea, which I'd bought him In Tesco's!

Yesterday evening I had a Chinese meal at Lisa's with my daughters Sally and Clare, grandaughter Gwen and Paula......very nice to catch up with them and good food from Jasmine Rice in Newport delivered to the door. A glass of wine followed. 

Today I caught the train back to Kidsgrove via Crewe leaving Newport at ten o'clock back on the boat by two o'clock catching a bus from Kidsgrove to Church Lawton so I didn't have the long walk back to the boat.Ben was pleased to see me, as was Eric and it's nice to be back too!

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