Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Slowly Does It....... Wheaton Aston And Brewood

Sunshine on a Bank Holiday Monday was great. Just a short cruise yesterday as far as Wheaton Aston where we found a space in the visitor moorings before Turner's (great diesel prices) but closed yesterday. We bought diesel at Norbury Wharf (best boatyard diesel price) as we didn't know whether we'd be passing through Wheaton Aston when Turner's was open. I walked to the local shop for a few bits and pieces, well stocked and open too.

In the cutting after Wheaton Aston

After the sunshine this week the trees and bushes have opened up their buds and now it's green again, much later than usual. In the cuttings though the new growth on the ferns are only just starting to appear, I like the way they uncurl. Lots of people and muddy sections on the towpath near Gnosall but away from the villages Ben and I had the grassy towpath to ourselves. Eric loves the Shroppie with it's long straight, wide path along cuttings and embankments.

The waterpoints at Wheaton Aston
Just one lock to do today after using the facilities below the lock, no queues here as there's four water taps. After that we're heading for Brewood to get some shopping, there's a nice fruit and veg in 'Coopers'. There's also a Coop and a lovely butcher with great meat pies.....I usually put some in the freezer as well as having one for tea. We 'll just go a little further and moor near Bridge 8 as you don't get any sun in the moorings at Brewood ......and the solar panels need sunshine.
The aqueduct over the A5 before Brewood

A view of Brewood from the canal

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