Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Oxley Marine To The Rescue

Our morning didn't start well today......the central heating used to heat the water didn't come on because of low batteries and then the engine sounded like a bag of nails on tickover. We decided to head for Oxley Marine just south of Autherley Junction on the Staffs and Worcs Canal to see if they could help us.

On the way Eric got water near the junction while I got on my bike to get a few things at Morrison's as it's just ten minutes by bike. As soon as I got back we worked through the stop lock and turned right for Oxley Marine pulling in alongside some moored boats. Eric went to find someone and the man came to listen to the engine even though he was eating his lunch.

He thought it was the drive plate but decided the noise was coming from the front of the turned out to be the bottom pulley (crank pulley) needed tightening.......his words 'it's lost it's newness' made us smile! Thanks to their very prompt attention we were soon on our way. The bill wasn't bad either and the boat engine sounds so much better.


Nev Wells said...

Big Phil sorted us out last year when our alternator failed. They are a good crew there, a yard to be recommended, glad they sorted you out. We did pass you yesterday, just after the junction, you were the next boat into the narrows....we turned onto the Shroppie and are sitting out the wind in between 13 and 14 at Brewood.

Take care


Elsie said...

HI Nev, Hope you're enjoying your trip in your new boat. Sorry I missed speaking to you. Elsie