Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moored At Tixall Wide


Nothing much happening at Tixall Wide, where I've been moored for the last three days while Eric sorts out his prescriptions for the next couple of months. It was a bit of a fiasco when we went to collect our prescriptions a month ago as he didn't have any of his new tablets but he's just rung to say it's all sorted and he has the rest of our tablets. So he'll be back tomorrow.

While he's been away it's been so quiet .....I'll be talking to the dog! I have had chats with boaters I've met while out walking the dog though and lots of phone talks with Eric though. Ben and I have had some lovely walks in the woods alongside the river on the Shugborough Estate. Lots of places for him to sniff and leave his mark although once you pass the cattle grid he had to be on a lead as there are cattle roaming free.....but it's easy enough to stay away from them.

I've also sampled some rum and raisin icecream from the farm shop .....delicious and some lovely sausages which I had for my tea tonight.Before Eric went we bought a mixed basket of plants to put on the bow of the boat but it's so windy today I've had to put it in the cratch until it calms down here.The boat is rocking as I blog with waves on the Wide.

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