Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gailey To Deptmore.....Out In The Country

Last night's mooring wasn't the quietest place with the A5 passing just a few hundred yards away, it's a very busy route. We just needed to stop as the wind got much worse. A few stoppages on the Shroppie with fallen trees show we left there just in time.

Our cruising today was accompanied by the M6 for most of the way, so rather noisy! I wonder if any of the motorway travellers are even aware there's a canal nearby. We worked through nine locks, mostly nearly full needing just topping up before we could open the gates. Ben and did a lot of walking between the spaced out locks. 

We topped up the water tank above Penkridge Lock which now has a posh stainless steel waterpoint. A quick pop to the popin shop near the canal for bread, milk and a newspaper.Plenty of room to moor above the lock too, but we decided to keep going.

The forecast showers managed to stay away while we cruised.It's been really quiet very few boats moving today. We'd just moored up on the pound above Deptmore Lock and the heavy rain came down, but we were OK now. Ben is fast asleep! Peace and quiet ......superb! Although you can see from my screenshot the M6 is still very close.

The blue arrow is our GPS position

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