Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cruising On A Sunday Afternoon

A good mooring spot.....opposite the pig farm
This morning it was such a lovely day we decided to leave Great Haywood to cruise just short of Rugeley to turn around, rather than reversing back to a very busy waterpoint on a busy junction. Basically a there and back cruise but we enjoyed moving. First of all we worked through Great Haywood Lock and I walked the dog to the next lock, Colwich Lock. Both of these locks have short arms so closing them is hard work on your own. Plenty of boats on the move so help was at hand.
A black lamb exploring
We passed plenty of wild life including a black lamb exploring, the pigs on a small holding, and a pair of swans with their cygnets. Even the cattle in the fields alongside the River Trent were lazing in the sun. There were also loads of dogs with their owners and cyclists enjoying the sunshine.

Cygnets on the bankside

NB Bendigedig in Colwich Lock
We didn't stay in Great Haywood after doing the filling and emptying but  went up on Tixall Wide for a few's such a lovely spot! Shepherd's Pie for tea to make our day complete.

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