Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cruising In The Rain With Lisa And Gwen

Gwen waiting at the station

Today we woke to pouring rain.....how delightful.....I hoped Gwen had her wellies with her.I took Ben for a walk before catching the bus to meet them at Stafford Railway Station.  I was far too early so I had a coffee while I waited. Gwen and Lisa arrived on time and we took a taxi back to Radford Bank where the boat was moored. They were enthusiastically greeted by Ben and he presented Gwen with a ball to throw for him!

Despite the rain we needed to turn around and the nearest winding hole was at the Moat House Hotel, so that's where we went. We worked through Deptmore Lock then turned further on and came back down the lock back past Radford Bank eventually working through Tixall Lock and mooring on Tixall Wide. Eric was dripping wet but dry underneath his wet gear.

Soon the fire was lit , lasagne in the oven with strawberries and icecream for afters.......lovely......and it's still raining. Guess what the weather forecast is for tomorrow......rain of course.

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