Friday, May 03, 2013

Another Busy Day.......Tyrley Locks

Blue skies and sunshine leaving Market Drayton

In the cutting below Tyrley Locks

Going up......Tyrley locks

Into another lock

In a lock pound.....still  lovely blue skies

The high bridges before Woodseaves Cutting

Hessian covering  to stabilise a landslip

Lots of ground clearance has been done

We left Market Drayton behind and headed for the flight of five locks at Tyrley expecting long queues as many boats had passed our mooring. But only one was ahead of waiting, Progress was slow wthout any boats coming down the locks but we didn't mind as the sun was shining and Ben had found a female collie friend to play with.

At the top of the locks we used the facilities and waited for a very slow tap to fill the water tank of the boat ahead of us. We had a lovely chat with the couple on it who also live aboard and were the owners of the female collie so Ben was delighted to be outside. We found out later there was another waterpoint at Goldstone Wharf.......we didn't remember that one.

After the locks is Woodseaves Cutting well known for slippages, lots of work has been done clearing fallen trees an land slips and in one place a hessian cover over a slippage was in place to stabilise the ground. A bit further on is  Goldstone Wharf and we decided top stop and sample the food in The Wharf Tavern. The service was really good with no long waits for ordered food and we had a lovely steak with mushrooms, onion rings, salad and chips ......all lovely and hot except for the salad and this was followed by a naughty pudding of course. A very busy place, lots of people had booked their tables in advance.

A quiet night followed even though we moored opposite a caravan park. It was a pity there was no internet signal to do a blog but that's just one of those things,  but we did have satellite TV.

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