Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Windy Cruise......Coven To Gailey

Gailey Lock ( picture taken previously)

After leaving Oxley Marine we headed down to the next junction to wind (turn around) then cruised past Oxley Marine and Autherley Junction. We were lucky today as we didn't meet a boat in the narrows called 'Pendeford Rockin' by the old boatmen. It's a narrow cutting through a solid belt of sandstone with a couple of passing places.We passed under the noisy M54 and moored up just after the 'Fox and Anchor' canal side at Coven.

In the morning we were up and away early enough to miss the rain forecasted for midday.Ben and I enjoyed our walk passing a CART man taking boat numbers. Our number was also taken as we moored up below Gailey Lock. Eric was glad to moor up as it has been extremely windy in places making cruising interesting to say the least. Below the lock the satellite dish on a magnetic mount was getting blown over by the wind so we resorted to using the freeview aerial. We are moored up on rings so the boat's going nowhere, so we'll be OK.

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