Saturday, May 04, 2013

A Short Hop From Norbury To Gnosall

Cruising the Shelmore Embankment
We decided to leave Norbury to it's Canal Festival as we'd prefer some peace and quiet. First of all we pulled in to get diesel, gas and a couple of bags of coal as you never know what the weather will throw at us. It wasn't easy as a boat was moored next to the diesel pump and we had to moor alongside. It was fun getting the coal  and gas across the bows but one of the staff at Norbury Wharf helped. Nearly all the visitor mooring was reserved for the festival so we must have been very lucky to find a space last night on the unreserved section.
Finally walking along the Shelmore Embankment with Ben, Gnosall wasn't far away so we moored up after a very short cruise. It was lunchtime so we walked into Gnosall to find the fish and chip shop on Newport Road. On the way I spotted a hairdresser who was willing to give me a cut, just up the road from The Boat Inn. Back to the boat to cover all the grey hair with natural I feel better!

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