Saturday, April 20, 2013

Whixall To Whitchurch In The Sunshine

A lift bridge on the Prees Arm
Today we woke to a heavy frost making the grass white but by the time we were up it was gone. I set off ahead and walked over the footbridge to go down the Prees Arm to open the lift bridges as we needed fuel and it's a good price at Whixall Marina. It's self service too, pay by card so it now doesn't matter if there's nobody about. In the past we've found the office closed and had a wasted journey. 

So full to the brim with diesel it was time for those lift bridges to be raised and lowered again. Even the fishermen were happy in the sunshine. At the junction Ben and I continued walking with another lift bridge near the breakers yard....a heavy one as it's a road bridge. We walked a bit further and got on at the next stone bridge, just one more lift bridge and then we stopped just short of Whitchurch away from any road noise. It's been a lovely day....boating is so much nicer in the sunshine.


Halfie said...

How do you go about declaring the diesel split - and signing the form - when paying by card?

Elsie said...

Hi Halfie,

It's a self service pump, which you put your card in, set the limit on the amount you want to spend and take your card out. It's all at 0% domestic rate and there's no forms or signatures. It just prints a receipt.