Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Walks Around Ellesmere....Sculptures

We're currently still in Ellesmere enjoying the dry weather. Ben and I have been out walking accompanied by Eric sometimes. I met another Eric while walking  on the Ellesmere Arm, he lives nearby but no longer has a boat......we used to regularly see him on our travels.

There's a sculpture trail in Ellesmere, you can visit the information centre next to the Mere and get leaflets on various walks. When I see the sculptures in Castlefields I just wonder how they managed to manhandle weighty items like these. There are some canalside too....I've included the fish....perhaps you've seen the picture before of it covered in hoar frost from the very cold winter we spent here when temperaturess went as low as minus 20!

Alongside the mere in the wooded area there are sculptured trees too, Ben enjoys the woods for places to sniff and water but that's what dogs do. It's usually pretty quiet there and you can enjoy the peace and quiet. We also enjoy walking through the wooded plantation area between the canal and Castlefields, you can hear the birds and yesterday we saw a woodpecker getting a he tapped out a hole high up in a tree.

Other than that, it's been the usual boaty jobs getting the cupboards, fridge and freezer stocked up so we're ready to move next week. Its warmer so the double glazing film has come off the interior of the windows, it certainly saved a lot of condensation over the winter. All we need now is a bit of sunshine!


Rick said...

Elsie, I told Eric that I would give you the URL of a handy site for TV transmission masts. Then I forgot, so here it is

Needs a postcode or Grid reference.


Elsie said...

Thanks Richard for the information, Elsie