Friday, April 26, 2013

On The Shroppie At Coole Pilate Leisure Area

We decided to stay for the allowed two days at Nantwich giving us chance to visit Nantwich Chandlery which had loads of bits and pieces in it. We wanted a spare water pump, exactly the same as the one fitted on the boat so replacement would be easy. Eric spotted a long button fender for the boat while we were browsing and decided to replace the droopy one on the back of the boat. So first job was to put in ....definately a case of lying down on the job.

Hack Green Locks

This morning it was time to move on so we cruised as far as Coole Pilate on the windy Shroppie Canal. No queues at the Hack Green Locks today. Ben and I walked the towpath from Nantwich to Coole Pilate, in places it was thick mud and Ben had four black feet. He jumped back on the boat at the bridge before the moorings as there's the noise from the clay pigeon shooting which he didn't like. Luckily you can't hear it on the boat as it's behind a little wooded area.

Waves on the Shropshire Union Canal (Shroppie)

Out of the window you can see waves it's so windy, but we're  moored up now so it's s ok. We've been scraped along by one boat passing us battling with the wind...he did apologise...thank goodness for rubbing strips.

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