Sunday, April 14, 2013

NB Bendigedig's In Blackwater Meadow Marina

A change of plan again, mainly because the marina had room for the boat so Eric and Ben came with me to Newport. It's that time of year dad's birthday......he's 86 tomorrow so we are having a family Sunday  lunch to celebrate. It's nice to get together.

Before the  journey to Newport started Ben and I went for a walk leaving Eric to pack his bag. I had fun getting Ben to walk on the pontoon but he got off the boat once he realised I had his lead and I was going without him.

When we got back he was all packed, the shoreline was connected to keep the fridge and freezer happy.Everything turned off except the galley supply, bilge and battery charger, which was on a timer.We were ready to go.

Our journey started with the 501 bus to Shrewsbury taking about 45 minutes, Ben  curled up by my feet.Then we caught a train  to Newport which took nearly two hours. Luckily the train was quiet so we had a four seater tabled area all to ourselves. Ben lead on the floor until we got to Newport and then he couldn't wait to get off the train.

Next we got a dog friendly taxi driver to take to our daughter Clare's house.Clare's peace is now up!,
Play with me!

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