Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hurleston To Nantwich.....There's Room For Us Too

In the top lock of  Hurleston Locks

Still a bit windy but we wanted to get Hurleston locks done while it wasn't raining. We stopped to fill up with water and the went into the open gates of the  lock and lifted what pipe fenders were left........most have broken or got caught and floated away. The lock keeper surprised us by getting the next lock ready for us and helping us through and asking us where we were heading for this year.

The lock keeper filling the next lock down
NB Bendigedig in the lock pound

Ben and I had a good walk this morning while the boat took a right turn and headed for the Nantwich Embankment. We walked with the boat and yes there was room for us on the embankment. We'd planned to walk into Nantwich so Ben stayed on the boat as we were going shopping. Eric bought some shirts in the Edinburgh Woollen Mill as they actually sell shirts than are long enough, M&S shirts are too short unless you order online which isn't always an easier option. We also bought some fresh food in Morrison's before heading back to the boat.

We sampled the fish and chips in a little cafe on Welsh Row, very nice too.  I wonder where the name originated from. Lots of lovely old buildings in Nantwich too.

According to one of the long term moorers who I asked about Welsh Row, the name replaced the name Frog Street and was the area of town where the welsh people settled when they came for work as Wales is just over the border from Cheshire.

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