Monday, April 22, 2013

Grindley Brook To Wrenbury.........Ten Locks!

Leaving our quiet mooring outside Whitchurch we travelling the hour to Grindley Brook meeting the first unhelpful boater's of the season who opened a lift bridge and promptly got back on the boat leaving me on the wrong side of the canal. The two following boats came through too leaving me to get across using the boat with the help of Eric's long arms. If it had been me I would have let the boats through then lowered the bridge.

Moored near the rotten tree 

We decided to stay put above the locks as Eric had an appointment with the Grand Prix and I wanted to cook a nice Sunday roast. We had roast lamb.....delicious.It was a good place for the Three mifi dongle and Eric's Three phone worked as a hotspot as he has a One Plan which allows tethering and all you can eat data. The mifi is usually a better signal but is restricted to 15GB of data which is excellent compared to other providers and costs £18.99 a month. If you want to watch TV or You Tube  that certainly eats up the data.

Ben at Grindley Brook

This morning we topped up with water, did the cassettes and then it was a busy morning with ten locks to take us to Wrenbury. First we had the Grindley Brook staircase and we had just one boat coming up, so didn't have a long wait. We had to fill the next three locks as the upcoming boat for some reason left all the bottom gate paddles open. Ben and I had a ride to Povey's Lock because I wanted some lunch and then we walked to Willey Moor Lock.Boats moving in both directions made it easier as we could leave the bottom lock gates open.

Just two more locks, at Quoisley Lock I bought a bag of sticks and some free range eggs (£1 for six) at the lockside. We were glad we only had one lock to do as we'd had enough of the wind. The house at Marbury Lock is still for sale with a mooring as I haven't won the lottery yet. A short cruise to Wrenbury, usually the bluebells are flowering in the wood and the smell is amazing but not today....just leaves and a show of wood anemones.

Moored up now, getting warm with a lovely fire.When is summer coming?

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