Tuesday, April 23, 2013

From Wrenbury.........Five More Locks

Waiting at Baddiley Locks

Today we were up and away after a visit to the shop at Wrenbury for a few bits and pieces. The bloke serving in the shop was a really happy chappy who actually enjoyed his job.....service with a smile in Wrenbury Stores.We also visited Wrenbury Mill and got some Beta oil filters and another long throw windlass to replace the one that ended up in the canal during the last cruising season. I bought a combined long and short throw one this time.

The first lift bridge we had to go through was the electrically operated lift bridge on the main road, which meant I held up the traffic while the boat went through. Then Ben and I walked up the next lift bridge which was being opened by the lady off the boat infront of us, who kindly let us through. We pulled in to let the boat pass as I was dog walking and Eric would be going slow.

We did the three locks at Baddiley and then the Swanley Locks before mooring up between bridges 4 and 5 on the visitor moorings. Quite a few boats on the move today, so locking was a chatty occasion. I met the lady off NB Paneke, who asked if I was 'Mrs Bendigedig' after meeting Ben on the towpath. Hello again, nice to meet a blog reader.

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