Friday, April 19, 2013

Finally Ready To Begin Our Cruising 2013

Wood Anemones near Blakemere

Avoiding tree trunks near Blakemere

Wait for me!

Ben not posing with his stick

Plenty of wood about at Blakemere

Up this was a good day as the wind had dropped making our exit from Blackwater Meadow Marina much easier. We bought a few bags of coal and unhooked the shoreline. Now we are free to travel where we like, when we like.........yippee! I love cruising after all it's what we bought a boat for, although I love our winter's in Llangollen too.
I walked with Ben as Eric steered the boat, passing piles of fallen tree trunks on the banks waiting for visiting boaters. Some tree trunks were floating in the canal causing obstacles to avoid and  in one place a falling tree was so low across the canal it nearly took the chimney off.
We passed loads of wood anemones amongst the trees alongside the canal near Blakemere, a really lovely day with the sun shining and the birds singing. Ben enjoyed his walk with the boat, running backwards and forwards along the towpath.
We finally moored up near the junction with the Prees branch, not in our usual spot which now has bollards for disabled boaters to tie up their boat and signage to stop others using them.

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