Monday, April 01, 2013

Brr It's Cold!

Yesterday we were up and on the move by 10.30am even thought the clocks had sprung forward an hour. It didn't feel a bit spring like but the lambs were there in the fields we passed on little green spaces amongst snowy fields. We walked through Whitehouses Tunnel, Chirk Tunnel and over the Chirk aqueduct before I decided I'd get back on the boat. This was a good move with thick mud replacing snow on the towpath,  less snow on the towpaths made walking easier with the boats although the dogs were absolutely filthy by the time  we got back onboard.
Lots of boats on the move today, nearly all holiday makers heading for Llangollen  and asking about the fallen trees......could they get through? It looks as though we left Llangollen before the influx of visitors in their boats.  Bye bye Llangollen we'll miss you but we'll be back.
Despite the thermals we were cold on the back of the boat so we decided we'd moor up after New Marton Locks at  Jack Mytton's aka 'Mad Jacks'. We needed to defrost so I cooked a roast, with the oven on the boat warms up quickly. Soon we had full tummy's and warm bodies as we settled down to watch the television .....once Eric had found a signal....Freeview tonight as he couldn't get a satellite signal.
Today was Nick's birthday......Happy Birthday Nick.
Nick and Liz

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