Monday, April 29, 2013

Audlem To Coxbank ......Eleven Locks!

The Shroppie Fly (under new management)

The Audlem Mill Shop

The first lock of the day!

The bridge before Lock 12

Going a lock pound
After a lovely quiet day yesterday below Lock 13 we moved forward to  the water point and topped up the boat while Eric got rid of the rubbish and visited the elsan to do the cassettes. By the time we were ready to go a boat had come down the lock so at least the locks going up would be empty ready for us. Most of the way up it was a case of changing places with one boat coming up and another going down, but as we reached the last three locks before we moored up at Coxbank we had to empty the locks to use them. It took us two hours to work through eleven locks and by then it was lunchtime and we missed out elevenses.......a cup of tea was definitely needed.

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