Friday, March 22, 2013

We Woke To A Loud Crack!

The blockage!
At seven am a large branch broke free from it's tree with the weight of the snow, now it's jammed between us and the bank and the canal is totally blocked. I hope no boats try and get through and cause us damage. I rang CART and told them on their emergency number (changed by my O8 App to 01316426635). Not a good picture as it's through the side window it luckily missed!
Loads of snow!

Ben in the snow!
We've had loads of snow last night and the boat feels top heavy with the weight of the snow and the coal, so Eric's clearing some snow and moving some coal. We're waiting for the 'team' to arrive......if they can find us......they have a post code of the nearest house, the nearest road and the town.....but seemed unsure where Llangollen winter moorings are!


Jaqueline Biggs said...

That must have been scary when that branch went with a loud crack! Hopefully CaRT will have it sorted soon. Stay warm and dry. Hugs to you both,
Jaq and Les

Elsie said...

HI Jaq,
There's loads of tree branches brought down by snow along the narrows so it'll take some time to clear the route. Until then the ducks have a new island next to our boat. Take care, Elsie & Eric

John Lane said...

That's what I call a near miss! Glad to hear that all is ok with you two and the NB Bendigedig

Elsie said...

Hi John,

CART came to look and are coming back tomorrow to cut it up and remove it. The canal is closed until Monday....not that it matters to us as we are not moving until April 1st.

We're fine, hope you're feeling better. Love Elsie & Eric

Sue said...

That was a lucky escape! Really pleased that you are OK.. I can see with all this snow that there are going to be more branches down. In fact CRT are going to be very busy tomorrow on that canal clearing quite a few branches that have come down.

Take care xx

Elsie said...

The narrow section nearest Llangollen is totally blocked with fallen trees and huge branches. You can't walk the towpath far either without climbing through tree branches and at one point is impassable. The canal is supposed to be opening but the contractors came and looked saying they'll be back. Love Elsie