Sunday, March 24, 2013

Powercuts, No Phones Or Internet

As you know we've had loads of snow which finally brought down a power cable which caused a flash in the night and Llangollen went black with no visible lights. Luckily we can use the engine to charge the batteries anyway so it didn't cause us any problems. The power came back on the following afternoon but in the meantime loads of shops did not stay open with no power. We've also had no phones or mobile broadband despite having both Three and Vodafone......but it's just come back on so I  am now back in touch with the world.
I took Ben for a short walk hindered by climbing over and through fallen branches and trees along the way. CART have a big job ahead to clear all the fallen trees to reopen the canal ready for the Easter weekend. No sign of the snow clearing although it has finally stopped, it's deep with a cleared channel where everyone has walked. At one point it was halfway up the boat windows. Eric's cleared the snow off the roof and we filled the water tank so that the ropes loosened a bit, because we were on a bit of a tilt.


Heather TakeyTezey said...

Welcome back Elsie!!

Main reason we're selling up, the darn weather here..


Elsie said...

hi Heth,
Enjoy your new life but keep blogging please . Elsie x