Friday, March 08, 2013

Just A Catch Up

On Wednesday I went to the cinema for the first time in very many years. The last time I went it was to see 'Buster' with Phil Collins in 1988! Cinemas have certainly changed used to be a smoky experience with people all crammed in with little room to move and I found it very claustrophobic. This time there was plenty of room, no smoke and the sits don't tip anymore. I thoroughly enjoyed the film 'A Song For Marion' although it brought a few tears to my eyes. Thanks to Liz for getting me to go.
Eric's been back to Newport  getting a check up at the doctors as his angina has got worse, hopefully the change of tablets will help. It was also annual blood test time again. He's also had a chance to catch up with our three daughters, see our granddaughter Gwenllian and visit his sister who is still encased in a big boot with a fractured bone in her foot. So he certainly had a busy few days. Thanks to Clare for putting him up. I nearly forgot to mention that on Saturday  it's his brother's birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN!

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