Monday, March 11, 2013

A Weekend Without The Internet

It's called MiFi
This weekend I really missed the Internet as my own personal Three hot spot showed five red bars.......No Signal! It started Friday afternoon and didn't come back until Sunday evening. After having an excellent signal it was like someone switched off the transmitter. I rang Three using my O8 app on my still working Vodafone phone, which at least meant the call came out of my inclusive minutes on Friday to be told it was a network problem in our post code area and no further information. I rang again on Sunday afternoon and was told it was maintenance and it would be back on Monday so at least I knew it was back soon. It actually came back on Sunday evening so I was pleased to say the least. Other than this weekend it's been great as it can run five devices by Wifi so Eric can use his new Samsung Galaxy Tab2 (his 65th birthday present) and I can use my laptop at the same time. It's finally converted him to the world wide web when he wouldn't use my laptop as he thought he'd mess something up. I'll have to keep an eye on the data usage though as You Tube eats megabytes!

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