Friday, February 22, 2013

We're Dazzled

I've been back to Newport to visit family and while I was there I picked up the mail from Eric's sister in Rogerstone. She's currently not going anywhere with a broken bone in her foot and a choice of a zimmer frame or crutches to get about. So she was home to accept my parcel with LED bulbs from Bedazzled. We tried a couple a few weeks ago and were pleased with the amount of light they give compared to other LED's we already had. For the first time I can really see clearly when I am cooking, washing up or eating at the breakfast we decided to order some more. Ordered online before 1pm on weekdays they arrive the next day so that's really good service as far as I am concerned. So now NB Bendigedig is even brighter, Eric can see to shave and I can actually see clearly to put my make up in the bathroom and I don't need a torch to program the washing machine. We also replaced the halogen wall light bulbs with LED's from the interior of the boat is certainly dazzling when we want it to be and it's not with power hungry halogen bulbs.


ANNE said...

we are gradually replacing our kitchen and bathroon lights with LED's

Halfie said...

Well done - Shadow has had all its interior lights replaced with LEDs and they're excellent.