Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Back To Llangollen......A Little More Snow

We arrived back in Llangollen on Monday afternoon, you feel the train getting colder as we headed further north. Ben was really good on the train, sleeping most of the way but when it stopped at Ruabon he was in pulling mode.....keen to get off the train. Just a fifteen minute bus ride and we were back on the boat turning the gas back on for a welcome cuppa.
Surprise, surprise we woke this morning to a covering of snow, not that I welcomed it! Ben and I went with Nick and Connie for a muddy and snowy walk but it was great to be out at least it wasn't icy underfoot. I took a photo and maybe blogger will agree to upload it! Yes it worked.....wonders will never cease.
Ben in an empty field.....no sheep! Just snow!


Mary Davies said...

LLangollen looks a really beautiful place, I never got to see it which was a pity as my Grandmother came from Glyn Ceiriog which I believe is not far away. You take brilliant photo's Elsie I wish mine came out so well. x

Elsie said...

Hi Mary, this area has lovely scenery so it's easy to take nice pictures when I remember to take some. Glyn Ceiriog isn't far away ....I see buses with it on the destination board, but I've not been there. Elsie

artymess said...

That's a great Photo Elsie ....making me homesick ......keep warm and cosy ...x