Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Visit To Bettws y coed

At Swallow Falls, Bettws y coed

Nick and Liz at Swallow Falls, Bettws y coed
Today we had a lovely afternoon out with Nick and Liz, they took us to Bettws y coed by car. It was nice to see some different scenery, seeing the snow on the mountains was spectacular. We had a lovely lunch at The Royal and then went to see Swallow Falls. We haven't been there for many years and now there's a turnstile with a £1 per person charge, but it was worth it. Lots of steps takes your breath away!
Swallow Falls, Bettws y coed
Another part of the falls

Looking down the falls
On the way home we popped into to see the snowdrops at Llantysilio Church which looked lovely in the sunshine.  Then back to the boat at Llangollen for a cup of coffee interspersed with ball playing with Ben the dog.

Snowdrops at Llantysilio Church

Another photograph of the snowdrops

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Long Tailed Tits And Snowdrops

Long tailed tits feasting on a fruity fat block
Today has been a busy day and my washer dryer has been busy too. The curtains have all been washed and dried, ironed and hung back up. Is spring in the air?
Eric took this photograph of the long tailed tits on the bird feeder, they obviously liked the fat block with fruit from Wilkinsons. We get an assortment of birds of all shapes and sizes coming to feed, the robins and black birds love the dried meal worms. The squirrel sits in a feeding tray as he can't get the peanuts anymore.

The snowdrops at Llantysilio Church

Liz and I took the dogs for walk as far as Llantysilio Church to see the snowdrops, always worth a visit. It was cold today but nice and dry. After that I did some food shopping.
Eric, Lisa and Gwenllian
Happy Birthday to my husband Eric.......65 tomorrow!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's My Birthday.......21 Again!

Today I am 63 years old.......I don't feel any different in my head from when I was 21 but when I look in the mirror then I've changed! I get those aches and pains but after a shower I'm ready to face the world or the countryside with Ben the dog. I had a well chosen card from my husband Eric, he knows me so well!
To my Wife,
I love you when you're laughing and when you're teasing me....
I love you when you're talking when I'm watching TV....
I love you when you're telling me how things should be done...
And even when you spend my cash (ok! I lied on one!)
I love your little habits because they make you you...
And I love you even more today than when I said "I do"!
Happy Birthday!

Friday, February 22, 2013

We're Dazzled

I've been back to Newport to visit family and while I was there I picked up the mail from Eric's sister in Rogerstone. She's currently not going anywhere with a broken bone in her foot and a choice of a zimmer frame or crutches to get about. So she was home to accept my parcel with LED bulbs from Bedazzled. We tried a couple a few weeks ago and were pleased with the amount of light they give compared to other LED's we already had. For the first time I can really see clearly when I am cooking, washing up or eating at the breakfast we decided to order some more. Ordered online before 1pm on weekdays they arrive the next day so that's really good service as far as I am concerned. So now NB Bendigedig is even brighter, Eric can see to shave and I can actually see clearly to put my make up in the bathroom and I don't need a torch to program the washing machine. We also replaced the halogen wall light bulbs with LED's from the interior of the boat is certainly dazzling when we want it to be and it's not with power hungry halogen bulbs.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Little Blue Rug

Yesterday we had more snow, so after a chilly walk with Ben the dog I decided to finish off my rag rug. The last rug used to shed bits when I shook it, so this one is more closely packed. Thanks to Nick and Liz for the extra T shirts needed to finish it. Today it's in front of the fire.....just the right size.

We've had a lovely sunny Valentine's and I'm plant sitting an Amarylis which decided to bloom today. By teatime two of the flowers were's a photo to show you all. I didn't have any other flowers but I did have a very nice bracelet with Cariad somebody loves me.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just Photos From Castell Dinas Bran

Th mist over Llangollen

Castell Dinas Bran

Connie on Dinas Bran

Across the valley

Eric liked this photo
The last few days have passed quickly by with the mornings spent on long walks around Llangollen with Liz and the dogs Connie and Ben. Lots of mud wherever we walked but it washes off us and the dogs.  Yesterday we climbed to Castell Dinas Bran.......slowly of course, but the lovely views always make the climb worthwhile.
Ben posing.....waiting for me!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Back To Llangollen......A Little More Snow

We arrived back in Llangollen on Monday afternoon, you feel the train getting colder as we headed further north. Ben was really good on the train, sleeping most of the way but when it stopped at Ruabon he was in pulling mode.....keen to get off the train. Just a fifteen minute bus ride and we were back on the boat turning the gas back on for a welcome cuppa.
Surprise, surprise we woke this morning to a covering of snow, not that I welcomed it! Ben and I went with Nick and Connie for a muddy and snowy walk but it was great to be out at least it wasn't icy underfoot. I took a photo and maybe blogger will agree to upload it! Yes it worked.....wonders will never cease.
Ben in an empty sheep! Just snow!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Mudlarking At The Alt-yr-yn Nature Reserve

Well I did decide to take Ben for a walk in the Nature Reserve but as I walked back along a  footpath alongside a steep slope I slipped and ended up covered in mud. Ben the dog who pulls for Wales did not help me at all he just sat and looked at me! I couldn't get back up the steep bank I just kept sliding back down on my boots in the sticky mud so I had to gingerly make my way slowly upwards sometimes on my hands and knees! Finally the mud monster arrived back at Clare's house, I was much dirtier than Ben! Clothes in the washing machine and my waterproof coat had a shower, Liz you missed a laugh! Luckily I didn't hurt myself.
Needless to say I didn't walk that route again but stuck to walking along the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal and hard tracks rather than muddy routes. Today Ben and I walked down to see my dad taking about an hour, a walk on his lead but Ben doesn't care as long as he's out. It's been a lovely day with the sun shining for a change.
Tomorrow we're having a family get together with Sunday lunch and then we're back to the boat on Monday via Arriva Trains. Let's hope the Welsh rugby fabs will have already headed home on Sunday after their defeat in Cardiff. I didn't watch it but I could hear Eric shouting at the television!!