Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunshine And Showers

Yesterday Australia Day was celebrated by a barbecue on the wharf. The grog pot was brought out and filled with mulled wine plus many other additions! In charge of the barbecue was Sue's son Chris who was celebrating his birthday too. It was cold but not as cold as last year and it did stay dry. Last year we had hailstones which pleased a visiting Ausssie couple who joined us at the barbecue.
Overnight we'd had a shed load of snow which covered the icy towpath but after last nights rain all that remains is a few icy patches which have melted in the afternoon sun. Snow drifts and ice remain where the sun hasn't reached them on the footpaths above Llangollen. Ben and I battled the mud, ice and snow this morning as well as lots of streams as I needed to get away from the busy towpath.
Tomorrow we're heading south with some appointments in Newport with the dentist and the doctor for checkups. Ben the dog is looking forward to giving Clare a big lick!

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One Thing After Another said...

All our snow has gone now and the canal has nearly completely thawed so I think tomorrow we will be hearing on to our usual mooring.

Glad you're all well!