Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday......an Update

We've got used to been back on a floaty boat and enjoyed some lovely walks although not as long as usuals as Liz is suffering with a bad back. Ben is quite happy as long as he's been out and we've actually had some dry walks. Today it's hammering down again but it was dry for some of our walk this morning.
The washing dryer has been very busy with that washing mountain  but today it's having a rest. I particularly like the sensor drying which has a cupboard dry setting so the clothes can just be folded and  put away.  There's also an iron dry setting for those things that need ironing.....I don't do ironing! I just hang the shirts on coat hangers .
What have I been up to........not a lot really. We've been out to Sunday Lunch at the Wynstay Arms with Nick and Liz and my roast beef was beautiful. The others had the lamb and said that was good too.  Apple pie for afters but with icecream or cream and I like mine with custard. A lazy afternoon followed reading the Sunday papers and following some blogs on the computer. The signal here is pretty slow after two weeks on wi fi at Clare's which was superfast.
On Monday we did a Tesco shop in Wrexham for tins mainly as they're pricey in the Coop. The butcher's at Llangollen keeps us in meat and there's a choice of two green grocers so there's no point shopping in  Wrexham for that. Today we had a cheap cut of meat for lunch ....a stuffed and rolled breast of lamb with roasties and vegetables and it was very nice too but I had to do the dishes this time. But after that I was warm and cosy so didn't care about the rain outside.
The water level is down as CART has planned some work on a bridge below the waterline, although I haven't heard of any stoppages. As we are in a concrete section of the canal we haven't had a problem but we may have to alter the ropes if it goes down too much.

Update: Just been told the stoppage is next week (14-01-13), so the level will go down then......will have to watch the ropes and adjust if necessary.  Apparently the level is lower now due to the amount of water entering the canal further down.

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