Friday, January 18, 2013

Snowy Llangollen

Snowy Bendy January 2013
Overnight the snow finally came as forecasted so NB Bendigedig was covered in snow and  Ben enjoyed a run in the snow when I let him out...........he was back in quickly though! Later on Liz and I donned the wet weather gear and braved the snow to take the dogs for a walk. The snow was stinging our faces as we walked towards the lift bridge so we soon turned around and made our way back to the boat. It was just a few inches deep but it's getting deeper as the day goes on.
The view from Sally's house in Abercarn
Plenty of snow has fallen in south Wales......... Clare is snowed in at the top of a steep hill, Sally has plenty of the white stuff in Abercarn and Lisa has made it to work in Cardiff. The schools are shut so Gwenllian is with her dad.  My dad is ok with a well stocked freezer, fridge  and  pantry so he's got no need to go out. I did our shopping yesterday as Liz took me to Morrisons as we knew the snow was forecast. Thanks Liz.


One of my favourite pictures taken by Nick  at Castell Dinas Bran .......I wonder who made the snowman.


artymess said...

Looks beautiful but hope you are keeping warm and cosy ...x

Elsie said...

Hi Artmess,

Yes we're keeping warm and cosy. Before I walk the dog on go the thermal leggings....very elegant under my other trousers!

Hope you're keeping warm too.

Regards, Elsie

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hello you two the picture of the snow man at Castel Dinas Bran is gorgeous and whimsical. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Wish ere there--we are frozen in at Stoke Bruerne. Not much to do or see as the museum is closed due to the snow.
Stay dry and warm!
Jaq and Les X

Elsie said...

Hi Jaq and Les,

We don't mind it here because we've got facilities next to the boat and the water's not frozen. Dog walking is fun but I've got those spiky things for my boots so I hope to stay upght. Keep warm, regards Elsie & Eric